Dear Florida Gun Rights Supporter,

Thanks for your interest in Florida Gun Rights!

Gun grabbers in Florida think they’ve got it made.

The gun grabbers got everything they wanted last year -- they killed every pro-gun bill without so much as a vote.

They even stopped the watered-down “licensed open carry” bill!

Now, anti-gun legislators in Tallahassee have introduced bills to ban common firearms, standard capacity magazines, and create even more deadly “gun-free” criminal-safe zones.

These are flagrant attacks on our Second Amendment rights!

But Florida Gun Rights is fully dedicated to stopping the gun grabbers in their tracks.

Florida Gun Rights will work tirelessly to restore our gun rights to their full enjoyment as intended by the Second Amendment.

So we need your help to hold anti-gun politicians in BOTH parties accountable!

We’d be honored to have your support as a member of our grassroots gun rights army!

For freedom,

D.J. Parten

Director of Legislation


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