Marion Hammer Betrays FL Gun Owners

Marion Hammer has just endorsed the biggest anti-gun Republican in the state.

Yesterday, Senate President Wilton Simpson received the endorsement of the NRA by way of Marion Hammer in his run for Agricultural Commissioner.

If you remember, Wilton Simpson, was the author of the gun control bill of 2018 (SB 7026), which instituted “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation, a bump stock ban, and prohibiting adults age 18-21 from being able to purchase firearms.

What’s worse is that Marion Hammer herself called Simpson a “betrayer” to gun owners and wrote that:

[Wilton Simpson, and those who voted for SB 7026] lacked the courage to uphold their oath of office and keep their word to constituents who voted for them. They were in total control. They no longer deserve your trust.

When they ask for your support, when they ask you to volunteer in their campaigns, when they ask for your donations, when they ask for your votes, think long and hard about what they had done…

(Marion Hammer NRA / USF Memo – April 18, 2018)

And then yesterday, she turned right around and endorsed Simpson.

Not only has Wilton Simpson been responsible for the largest gun control package in Florida’s recent history, but he has done NOTHING to earn any pro-gun endorsement.

He has continued to block pro-gun legislation, telling Senators they were “not allowed” to introduce any pro-gun bills this year.

And now Wilton Simpson wants to be the person in charge of state-wide weapon permits in Florida.

This is despicable.

But here at Florida Gun Rights, we do not compromise or sell out.

FLGR does not let anti-gun politicians get away with trampling our rights without paying a political price.

To help us grow by supporting a true no-compromise, pro-freedom gun group here in Florida, please consider making your most generous contribution at once!

We are currently working to hold the legislators accountable in the upcoming election to expose to voters how their elected officials stand on the issues.

But that takes a large war chest to go against the establishment, especially when the anti-gun politicians are being given political cover by the NRA.

Unlike the establishment gun lobby, FLGR will never cave, sell out, or compromise away our right to keep and bear arms!

So please, make your most generous contribution to FLGR at once, to give us the tools to fight!

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