4 Republicans Just Voted for Gun Control

January 15, 2020

Four Republicans just voted for gun control in the Florida Senate!

Now SPB 7028 moves on to the Senate floor for a vote.

Turncoat Tom Lee and three other Republicans joined anti-gun Democrats on the Infrastructure and Security Committee to vote for another MASSIVE gun control expansion.

SPB 7026 implements universal firearm registration among other egregious infringements much like the gun control omnibus of 2018.

Under this bill, you could become a criminal for selling your firearm to a friend without jumping through government hoops and documenting that sale with the government.

You could become a criminal for storing your firearm the way that you choose.

This would also force some medical professionals to report confidential patient information to the government so they can strip you of your rights!

We must show lawmakers that gun owners will not tolerate gun control in our state.

Not only that, but Governor DeSantis must declare strong, public opposition to this legislation to help us derail it.

So please act fast!

Sign your No Gun Control Mandate today and consider chipping in $30 or $15.

After the first day of session we are already facing a major gun control battle with Republicans.

We need your support now more than ever.

For Freedom,

DJ Parten

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