Gun Ban in Your City

September 11, 2020

I have some disturbing news I want to make you aware of.

If you decide to arm yourself for protection during a state of emergency in Florida, you could find yourself sitting behind bars.

Under Florida State law Section 870.044, any city that declares a state of emergency in response to “civil unrest” can immediately trigger a little known law banning the sale and possession of firearms in public.

If a person with a Concealed Weapons License (CWL) carries outside their home during a local state of emergency, they could be arrested and sentenced to a year in jail!

Additionally, anyone (including licensed firearm dealers) who sells, offers to sell, or even displays a firearm for sale could be sent to jail for up to a year.

You and I both know that gun bans do NOTHING to protect people — they only leave law-abiding citizens defenseless.

A time of “civil unrest” is when good people need the ability to defend themselves and their families the most — especially when law enforcement is stretched thin!

Instead of keeping people safe, the real result of this gun control is that criminals end up being the only ones with guns, and those who follow the law are left defenseless!

It’s time Florida law protects the right to keep and bear arms instead of suppressing it.

We continually see images around the country of law-abiding citizens defending themselves and their property with guns during these trying times.

But Florida law criminalizes the act of carrying a firearm for self-defense if an “emergency” is declared.

Citizens of West Palm Beach encountered this very danger recently when the mayor banned the sale and public possession of firearms due to “civil unrest.”

Business owners were barred from protecting their business.

Private citizens going to the grocery store couldn’t carry to defend themselves or their family.

If gun owners wanted to protect themselves they were forced to cower in their houses.

This injustice has happened just recently and it will happen again if gun owners do nothing to stop it.

This law leaves our gun rights completely vulnerable to any and every city official who can arbitrarily declare a state of emergency at any time.

Because Florida legislators have done nothing to repeal these laws, this can happen at anywhere, in any city, including yours.

For too long, lawmakers in Tallahassee have tolerated “reasonable” gun control that only endangers the citizens of our state.

That’s why we are working with lawmakers to file legislation to end these unconstitutional infringements this upcoming legislative session.

So please sign your Stop Emergency Gun Bans petition right away!

With your help, we can lobby lawmakers to strip this draconian law off the books and restore the right of gun owners to protect themselves and their families when they need it most.

As the fastest growing NO COMPROMISE gun rights group in Florida, FLGR is uniquely equipped to push back against local tyrannical gun bans but only with your help!

With today’s political climate, your town could enact a state of emergency at any time, so please don’t delay in signing your No Emergency Gun Bans petition today!

Thank you in advance for your commitment to the Second Amendment.

For Freedom,

DJ Parten

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